Quinoa Andina, based in Peru, prides itself on being able to produce and guarantee both high quality and standardized quinoa.

Our global quality accreditations and advanced procedures were designed and developed to monitor the farming, harvesting and processing quinoa, allowing us to consistently deliver a high quality product that clients can trace from start to finish.

About Us

In addition to being farmers, at Quinoa Andina we are scientists; our knowledge comes from our ancestors, but also from continues research and engineering. Our expertise allows us to constantly innovate to offer a product with higher standards. We can say without a doubt that we make the best quinoa in the world.

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Our Farms

Located at the Coastal and andean regions over 1000mts, our fields are supervised and worked by highly trained engineers and staff, resulting in a great production capacity & quality. Likewise, we have a controlled drip irrigation system that allow our products to grow and develop with no more than the necessary water. Working in a eco-friendly system to preserve the environment.

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Our processing facilities

Processing plants are located in Lima, with the most modern equipment that receive raw quinoa grown in our farms across the country to be processed.

Inside our indoor processing plant, our raw material gets transported and sorted using only stainless steel pipelines and top-notch Buhler machinery with a computerized fluid system that allows a continuously air-dynamic pumped flow filter for full wash, drying and optic sorting in order to meet our clients specifications.

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Quality Assurance

Quinoa Andina has multiple global accreditations that guarantee our ability to produce, sell and distribute quinoa of the highest quality all over the world.

We have earned them by carefully developing an efficient supply chain from the initial harvesting steps all the way through our export department, with a team of Quality Assurance that monitors each stage in detail.

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Our Products

We have the knowledge and equipment to produce the best quinoa in the industry. We develop the following: Quinoa Flakes, Quinoa Bran, Soluble Quinoa, Quinoa Flour, Protein Quinoa, White Quinoa, Red Quinoa, Black Quinoa and Tricolor Quinoa. Let us know what your needs are, and we will gladly produce it for you.

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